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Author:  Laura Shayne
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Date:  7/2/2005 5:36:23 PM
Subject:  Paul the rooster!!
Message:  Ryan and I went to a chicken swap at the local feed store this morning... that's right... a chicken swap!! *grin* A woman was there with her rooser "Paul"... haha Oh dear... *grin*

Paul is the size of a small dog... he weighs about fifteen pounds, and his feathers are white, blue, black, red, orange, geen... he's bautiful!! The woman selling him came to "interview" any buyers because she was so afraid someone would buy him and kill him to tie flies for fishing. It's big here in Oregon.

Anyways... since our roosters got killed in the massacre, we took him! He's in heaven here with so many women... He's crowing his big heart out down at the barn right now! *grin* Welcome to the family Paul.... heh heh heh...

Pictures coming soon.


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