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Author:  jeffD
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Date:  6/28/2005 9:33:46 AM
Subject:  Re: Mischievous Ways
Message:  I heard an NPR interview with John a month or so ago about this new CD (which is wonderful) and he told a funny story about his throat cancer. When the doctor told him it was cancer and they would have to operate, the doctor went on to say he appreciated that John was a singer/songwriter and so he'd do his best to avoid harming the vocal chords. To which John replied "Have you heard me sing?"
He went on to say that the operation probably helped him because it forced him to sing in a lower register which he probably should have done earlier just because he was losing the high notes to advancing age anyway.
Many, many years ago when he was just starting out, I got to have dinner with John and Steve Goodman as they passed through Portland on a concert tour. John didn't say all that much. He didn't have to once Steve got started with his stories. Steve was one of the most upbeat, postive guys I ever met. He never gave a clue that he was battling leukemia. If you never got to see Steve perform, you missed a nice evening of good music and lots of laughs. I sure miss having him around.
If John passes through your town, don't miss him. His songs seem simple but he packs a lot in when you aren't looking.


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