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Author:  San Diego
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Date:  6/26/2005 1:20:37 PM
Subject:  Missing Austin
Message:  We got home late last night and this is the first chance I've had to say how sad we were to miss Austin. For a month we had our reservation arranged at Four Points. Stu and I were so looking forward to celebrating Mamie's wedding, meeting new members of the family, and spending time with our Porch friends. We planned to drive, and Stu had 5 pounds of pistacio nuts and a case of Mango Madness Snapple stashed in the truck. "Stu fuel," Mick calls it. Instead, we flew in a different direction. The intention was getting Stu's Mom comfortably settled in an assisted living facility. This did not happen. Nor is it likely to happen in the near future. She needs to be cared for in a convalescent hospital with 24 hour attention. She is "okay in the moment, but, angry, confused, and rebelious." In spite of the trip, we are left with more questions than answers. After meetings with doctors, therapists, wellness counselors, care givers, and family, nothing will be decided until early August when her healing and mental state can be more accurately accessed.

The photos and sentiments expressed from G5 are WONDERFUL and such a gift to come home to! It will take us days to catch up. Now the children are clinging like Velcro and the laundry is cloning itself.

Please keep Stu's Mom and the family in your prayers as we do all of you.

Love to all,
Stu and Roisin

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