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Author:  Kendra
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Date:  6/23/2005 4:18:08 PM
Subject:  To a beautiful, unforgettable new begining
Message:  First I should say... I don't know how in the world I could possibly thank every single person who showered me with so much love, and encouragement, and precious time that was not obligated of them. But I'll make certian to do my best.
Secondly, to give most of you a little background... My mother and I came to Mansfield from Tennessee to spend the summer with my family (Grandfather Roy, Grandmother Slyvia, Aunt Rene, and Uncle Ron)... With full intentions to "get back on our feet" in almost every area possible... And to also grant me the opporitunity to spend quality time getting to know my family. Well, From day one -arriving in Texas- My trip and experiences have been unbelievably healing, and unforgettable in so many ways. Coming to the gathering for my first time I knew would be a great experience! But I didn't know it would be life-changing... And I have every one of you to thank for that. I could not believe how great of a time I was having... With people I had never met before! So many of you took me in almost instantly and loved me tremendously... It was so wonderful to feel that in such a time... And the BEST part of all... Was the LOVE for the MUSIC everywhere in that place... I mean... my father is a musician and I always hear about the experiences... But I must say I was ignorant to the joy obtained from it, without the first hand knowlege...
So anyway... With that said... I want to thank a few of you personally, but all of you for being a part of such a great experience...
First of all- JonMark... THANK YOU, THANK YOu, THANK YOU! For being there for me every time I wanted to sing. You were fantastic, and a huge part of the reason the time was so great! I cannot tell you how grateful I am for you helping me without reservation! It meant so much more to me than you know! And I deeply appreciate your comments about further help in the future... I would love nothing more than to sing with you once again! you are a wonderful person! Thank you...
BREE! You are so beautiful! Your smile put so much joy into my heart! I'm sure every one can agree... And I cannot WAIT to get started on my new wardrobe!! :) I really appreciate your time and energy already going into this for me... I can't thank you enough!:) Just for the privelage of meeting you!
To Randy, Larry Larry, Dorothy, and so many more... Your compliments and encouraging words were such a blessing to me! I loved all the wonderful talks about music and threats to stick close to family after shows (Randy) and helpful hints for the future!(Dorothy) and all of laughs (Larry!) I LOVE YOU ALL!
Last but not least... So much thanks to my grandpa ! Poppie... for all of the knowledge you're happy to share, and I'm happy to recieve about the music life (And Mickey Newberry!)... For the help in decisions (about everything! Song selections, and career choices!) And for the LOVE you give me through all of this! Thanks to you... This feels much more possible! I'm so glad you're my grandpa! :) SO MUCH LOVE!!!

Sorry for the length! But there's still not enough said to do this wekend justice... Forgive me for not mentioning the GREAT performances! (Kacey Jones, Laura Shayne, Egbert, JonMark.. Oh, There are so many! I'm So happy to learn from the best!) Thanks to everyone! I can't wait for next year... And I'm so looking forward to singing with Laura Shayne! :)

 To a beautiful, unforgettable new begining by Kendra at 6/23/2005 4:18:08 PM
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