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Author:  Elton and Sallie
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Date:  6/23/2005 9:19:19 AM
Subject:  Our Long Road Home
Message:  We got home from G5 at 8:00 Tuesday night and I still had time to gather a bucket of cukes, squash, cabbage, and broccoli and pick the red raspberries before dark! As always, we try to time it so we can hear all of Mickey's Long Road Home before we pull into our drive. This time was perfect. The sun was just setting as Mick sang "116 Westfield Street." We gave our new Toyota hybrid (Prius) a good TX workout this time and got close to 50 mpg even with 102 temps and sometimes 80 mph (oops!)

We got unpacked and mowed 6 hours on Wednesday--so now have time to contemplate. It was so good to see all our "old" porch friends and meet many, many more. Had fun getting to know Ron M., Philip, Shirley, the Hamiltons and many more.

Highlights!!! Performances by Laura Shayne, Marie and JonMark always! Egbert!! (and now Jos, too), Toni Jolene . . .
Thanks to Mamie and Pete for being Mamie and Pete (we wish you many years of Hearts and Flowers); to Leah for her special concern for E's back (my goodness, there are so many hurting backs in this crowd!, we really ached for Bree);
Thanks to the Books and Pahlmans for holding Mobile Area together the best they can and many thanks to our buddy Lee F. for our special visit and more to come.
Is it too soon to be getting ready for G6?

 Our Long Road Home by Elton and Sallie at 6/23/2005 9:19:19 AM
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