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Author:  Joey L.
E-mail:  joefus@itctel.com
Date:  6/21/2005 6:34:35 PM
Subject:  G5 + 1
Message:  Slept til 10 this morning. Chi Chi is doing what she does best right now ... (sleep).

To LS: "it's in the mail" (wink)
To KJ: I have this empty spot on the wall, where Mickey and Mandy look down at me ... (smile)
To SL: Does it have to be a "Texan"???
To TG: Do you think I'M cute?? (LOL)
To CK & Jodi: I thank you for the opportunity to see ya'll.
To T2S & Peter: ditto, in Swiss (yodel)
To L&GB: Dziekuje (thank you) for the CD and for sharing time with me.
To RS: I hope someone ate those beef sticks in the fridge (haha).
To JM: Remember "two things ..." (email me and I will send you the joke ... no farting around).

To the 4Points ... please find my glasses!!!

Already miss you.


Joey, Joedy, y Josito (& sleepy Chi Chi)

 G5 + 1 by Joey L.  at 6/21/2005 6:34:35 PM
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