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Author:  Karen
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Date:  6/16/2005 3:55:17 AM
Subject:  Re: God speed
Message:  Safe travelling and have a wonderful time y'all. I'm so jealous!!

Memories of my trip over in 1999....

A fourteen hour flight to LA, several hours more to Atlanta, then another hour or so to Pensacola. Met at the airport by a porcher of that time and driven to my accommodation somewhere near the Flora Bama. Eating pizza on my own, wondering in a litle corner of my mind "what on earth am I doing here, all this way from home..." but really knowing it was going to be all right. Then later, Meeks' voice on the telephone, arranging for me to meet him and Kat for brekky the following morning. A friend from the porch!.. and soon I met many more. It felt like I belonged with them, that we had known each other forever.

And then there was Mickey!! Words fail....

People sometimes ask me about my one and only trip overseas, when I went to the US for a total period away from home of six days. "What did you see? Where did you go?"

"I met Mickey Newbury" I say. He sang, in a room filled with love. And I was right there in front of Mickey, basking in the joy of hearing that dear man sing his beautiful songs. I saw a miracle that night. It was sheer magic.

I think I glow all over when I talk about that trip!

So my friends, enjoy! I am there in spirit.

Love you all,


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