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Author:  Judy C.
E-mail:  Bellavim714@comecast.net
Date:  6/9/2005 6:34:08 AM
Subject:  Message from Judy C
Message:  Hello everyone, sorry its been so long since I have posted but life has thrown me and my family a few curves theses past 6 weeks. Bam Bam had some problems, but shw is doing much better now and her gradiduaton was wonderful!! She even wore a dress ( *wink wnk* )

It is with a Very heavy heart that my family and I will not be able to attend the Gathering this year. I will exlain in as "simple english" as I can so you will understand.

In May we went to Nashville for 13 days for Bam's graiduation and while I was there I had the big test for my brain clot on the left side of my brain. As most of you remember I had it coilled (not removed) 3 years ago. Well the test did not come out good.
The coils have spipped down into the blood clot and the clot is growing. Dr Larson at Vanderbult said he would like to try to re-coil again but could not do it until "sometime" in Aug. and in the mean time I have to "lay low" and there is a chance of stroke or the damn thing will just blow.

Sooooo, yesterday (Wed) I saw my doctor here in NH and I will be going to Mass General he said it can't wait there is to big of a risk. (and I would like to be at the Gathering next year!) *wink*

At this writing I don't know for sure if they will do the entire bain surgery and take the clot out or if the will try to coil again, I am leaving that up to the Big Doctors at Mass General.
We are waiting for all my records from Vandy which should be here today and then I may have to go through some more testing up here, but all this will take place quickley. I know Mike will keep you up to date on what is happening.

Mom is here with me in NH now so that makes me feel some better!!

NOW, I want each and everyone of you to have a great time in Austin, I will miss you more than I could ever put into words. I will be praying for your safe travels to and from and I will be praying hard for room 155 lol. I love you so much and God willing I will be there next year! (and I may be sporting a new "do" LOL

Oceans and Oceans of my love to you,
Judy C.

Cell # 615-481-3041

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