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Author:  Roisin
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Date:  5/30/2005 7:20:53 PM
Subject:  Re: Susie, I should never,
Message:  Susie~ It was Marshmallow Fluff he was after. "The TALL jar, honey." They had it on sale on the other side of the mountain. So we raced across the Ortega. The most dangerous road in the USA. Hair-pin curves and sheer drop-offs. Always under repair. Bumper stickers say, "I Survived the Ortega!" For a case of Marshmallow Fluff. Another coincidence I notice with Stu. Everytime we have a houseful of kids doing yoyo tricks in the kitchen, (this is Sleeping, RoRo, this is Walking the Dog, and this is Around the World...OOOPS!) Stu suddenly remembers, "Oh, darn! Tonight's the night these coupons expire!" and he's out the door so fast he can't hear me shouting, "You coward!" Today was family and friends and barbecue. Lemon meringue pie and lemon tarts. An ocean of lemonade. Enough lemon-infused simple syrup to last 'til Labor Day. On this Memorial Day...for the service and the sacrifice, our eternal thanks and prayers.

~Love and blessings to The Wizard~

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