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Author:  Chuck Gengler
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Date:  5/29/2005 8:52:14 AM
Subject:  Re: Anniversary
Message:  Sweetheart, my apologies for the delay in thanking you for your sweet "46th" Anniversary posting and congratulations; also, Susie G., Lois, Bill P. and Doug for being so gracious to join with you.

I had hoped to revisit and share with you (and Porchers') the period 46 years ago, ie., Mickey's 19th Birthday, May 19, 1959 and Sandra's and my Wedding, May 22,1959. As you know Momma, Mickey was to be "Best Man" (and he was!) in our wedding but there was alot going on with each of us emotionally (happiness,sadness and downright despair) during the week around these two events. Our lives, in retrospect, were "up for grabs"!! As we often would do,we hung out at the (old) Pig Stand on North Main St., always seated in one of the booths located back by juke box, trying to make sense of it all, with help from some of our,then, favorite songs...

I'll try to complete this on Mick's 66th Birthday; if The Good Lord is willing.

Momma,we send our Heartfelt Love and Prayers For Your Good Health and Happiness.

Chuck Gengler

PS Prayers have been made asking that mighty blessings, from Our Lord, be upon the lives of all Mickey Newbury Porchers. CAG

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