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Author:  Virginia
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Date:  5/29/2005 7:58:40 AM
Subject:  My Birthday !
Message:  My heartfelt thanks to all that posted here and to those that sent sent e-mail,musical and otherwise, one dear friend even sent my horoscope and claims to know know all about me lol Remember I'm a Gemini aka the Twins. I so look forward to seeing everyone in Austin !
I had a lovely day , pale Apricot roses from my other half,steaks on the grille which I didn't have to cook   ha ! and calls ,from the two favorite men in my ,life namely my beautiful grandsons.....Today tney will arrive with a cake and cards made by their own lil hands, they love to surprise me.what more could one ask for?...
Another highlight was a call from our traveling troubadours Papa J and Meme Sue...singing Happy Birthday,from Bandera !! You know......they sound really good , they make great harmony together ,thanks again for the serenade it was greatly appreciated. Love & Hugs from Massachusetts....V.,,,:)

 My Birthday ! by Virginia at 5/29/2005 7:58:40 AM
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