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Author:  Karen R
E-mail:  luvnmusc@comcast.net
Date:  5/26/2005 8:32:09 PM
Subject:  Message from Fred Crafts:
Message:       "I have just come from a meeting today with my oncologist, who believes we have done what we set out to do: kill the cancer.

He gave me the all clear sign and predicts a long life ahead.

That ends the treatment phase of a journey we began last Thanksgiving.

     Unfortunately, it is not completely over. I am more fatigued now than I have ever been. Also, my Chemo Brain condition seems worse. I am really dragging around and feeling befuddled.
But my oncologist believes both will clear up in time. How much time it will take is unclear. He says maybe three months, maybe six months, maybe a year.

     Meantime, I am scheduled to visit him every three months for checkups. And I am to get a CT Scan on June 3 and a PET Scan about three months later.

Both are needed to confirm what we already believe—the cancer is gone.

     All this is great news, of course.

     I am going to celebrate by taking a long nap.

     Fred "

This was in my email this evening.....thanks to all who have kept Fred in your prayers.

 Message from Fred Crafts: by Karen R  at 5/26/2005 8:32:09 PM
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