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Author:  texas2step
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Date:  5/24/2005 7:19:20 PM
Subject:  Re: Heavy Heart
Message:  I heard a song that has been out for a while now by Blaine Larson called How do you get that lonely. IT is about a boy who commited suicide and there is a line that says how do you get that lonely that no nobody knows. What is the one thing that makes you decide to take your life. Well, that is the mystery of life that we have no answer to. I think we all at one point in our lives have felt desperation but somehow managed to pick ourselves up and move out of that realm. Somehow this lady could not find the strength even in her two daughters to continue on. I pray that her soul has found rest and peace. Larry, it is wonderful that your daughter was used by the Lord to give this man some kind of assurance during this important day in his daughters life. How wonderful to have a child like Monica that is a light in a dark day. Apparently you and Suzette have taken your job as parents seriously and have chosen to raise your daughter in love and in faith. These are such important foundations for our children. I commend you and Suzette and I know seeing the fruit of your labor is very rewarding. You deserve to be proud of your daughter. Prayers going out to the husband who lost his wife and the children that lost their mother. May the Lord be with them during this time, May they find comfort in all who love them. God Bless....

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