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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  5/23/2005 9:55:05 AM
Subject:  To Mamie with much love from Jimmy Webb
Message:  Just back after my support to Mister JIMMY WEBB on his UK tour - the LONDON concerts.

Maybe MAMIE - Jimmy know more about you!
Because on his brand new cd is one of the titel:


It must be you!!!

I mention to him in London about my tour to Austin in June and the wedding - he send you, Pete and all of us at the Gathering 05 his best wishes.

Jimmy are singing better today - he is also re-married last year with Laura Savini, Public Television reporter/producer.

I also say to Jimmy how much Mike love his songs and songwriting.
For me is Jimmy a humble person, sometimes also a little shy.
But I also think he sometimes are much "burn out" after a concert.

Brand new JIMMY WEBB cd out (import from UK) with titel:
"Twilight of the Renegades" on Sanctuary Records where features special guest are Beth Nielsen Chapman.

When I arrival in New York City Monday 13th June on my way later same week to you and the Gathering 05 I be with Mister Webb and Mister Glen Campbell at there opening night on hotel Regency 14th June.
Jimmy reach 60 next year and Campbell be 70.
Hopefully I can get them to sign some cd for the "Silent auction" + I bring some copy of Mike`s cd - EURO press + few items more.


erik "the dane"

 To Mamie with much love from Jimmy Webb by erik "the dane" at 5/23/2005 9:55:05 AM
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