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Author:  BobR
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/22/2005 7:30:51 PM
Subject:  Re: DVD/Video
Message:  I know this has taken longer than expected. I had hoped to have it ready in March. However, there have been glitches encountered and there is more to doing a DVD than doing a CD. We've got it fairly close. It will be great. Our plan is to get a copy to Susan for her review. We hope that occurs this week so she can review it over the long weekend. Then we expect to finalize it and get it to the manufacturer. It will not be manufactured for sale by the Gathering, but we expect to have one there with Susan to display and play. Once it is shipped to Mountain Retreat they will take orders and ship. Susan will have more information with her at the Gathering and we'll keep you posted as to our progress. When it is available it will be announced on this site so you will know.

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