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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  lmooremnm@yahoo.com
Date:  5/19/2005 3:13:18 PM
Subject:  Re: Daddy
Message:  Just talked to your uncle Jerry. He told me that he was looking good. Must be a big improvement since I last saw him.

Yep your dad was a very special man. I told him that if anything ever happened to him I thought the board would die off. He didn't think so. With gathering five coming up and two porches full of people, I guess I was wrong. I'm glad.

Lot of special men in your life. You're a lucky girl. I'm anxious to meet the new men in the "Newbury" family. We all agree that your mother is a very special lady and Jim must be a very special person to win her heart this past year. Can't wait to meet him.

Mamie is also a very special person that I have had the pleasure of knowing for many years. Can't wait to meet the new love of her life. My only concern is that he may be jealous of her cooking bread puddin with lemon sauce for me.

As we all know Laura Shayne is a brat and any man that would take her on for life has got to have some very strong qualities to survive. Also looking forward to meeting him.

Why don't you drag your husband along and we can see how he's holding up ?

Yep, All is as it should be Leah.

Love ya Mick

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