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Author:  KeithGator
E-mail:  KeithGator@aol.com
Date:  5/19/2005 11:59:00 AM
Subject:  Re: Daddy
We can Only Hope that somewhere Mickey is looking down and seeing all the people who have cared about him and loved him over the years.

Happy Birthday, Mickey. We will be sure to drink a toast to your birthday and memory. We shall always cherish the memories we have of you.

Being able to listen to the music and songs, and hopefully soon see the DVD of you will remind us of all the times when your words have been just the right words for that particular occasion.

I only hope that Mickey knew exactly how much he was loved and cared about and by all the different lives he touched by his being and what he did.

Happy Birthday Mickey. We look forward to many more and all the thoughts and prayers that go with them.

Jacksonville, Fl

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