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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  5/18/2005 7:45:07 PM
Subject:  Ned Landin AKA Flathead
Message:  My daughter Sarah, who is turning 21 tomorrow, and living in California, sent me a CD by Ned Landin. She caught his show at the Santa Monica Pier last weekend and called me on her cell phone and told me she was listening to this guy who's voice sounded like Mickey's. I could hear him in the background and agreed. I suggested she go ask him if he knew about Mickey. I put the "Flathead 6" CD in my player today when it arrived and the first thing I heard, introducing his first song was a train sound. Further into the music there is a song called "Ways of the World" with the first verse "I'll walk in the ways of the world living my life as a pearl a grain of sand in the ocean of man at rest in continual swirl".
Of course I emailed him, figuring there must be an influence, but Ned replied that he'd never been introduced to Newbury's music, but at Sarah's sugestion, he had searched and is going to buy some of Mickey's CD's. I just wanted to introduce you to him and maybe he'll decide to join us here, visit, and possibly come sing for us someday. www.flatworld.net Check it out.

 Ned Landin AKA Flathead by SusanW  at 5/18/2005 7:45:07 PM
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