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Author:  Lois
E-mail:  lhspencer@earthlink.net
Date:  5/9/2005 7:32:04 AM
Subject:  Please Pray for Jen...
Message:  I am requesting urgent prayer for a young mom named Jen. She is 37 and has two young girls 10 and 12. Jen has agressive breast cancer that has recurred after a double radical mastectomy and extensive chemo. The doctors say she has no chance. Please pray for these children and their mother and father. Porch prayers are powerful as we all know.
Hugs, Lois

Jen has been a close friend to my youngest daughter since they were 15. She is her mother's only child and her dad died of cancer when she was a young teen. Her mom's name is Phyliss. She is a strong woman, but much in need of support and prayer.

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