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Author:  Texas2Step
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Date:  5/8/2005 12:19:01 AM
Subject:  Re: Last Night, Anderson Fair
Message:  I just had to jump in here and post after the reviews of Cowboy from Craig and Mamie. You all on the porch were right Cowboy is a very fine singer and good spirited person. I was able to purchase his cd at Anderson Fair and I have played it most of today. I Absolutely Love It. Peter and I were so thrilled to get to see cowboy perform last night. Thanks to Ms Mamie and her wonderful Pete for allowing us to ride with them. The trip was a hoot especially on the way back. we took the long way home (not by choice).Craig is right about Pete Mamie, we love him and are so very happy for you. Last night brought back memories of all the good times we use to have together, now that you are feeling more up to par we will have to continue these outings. Craig, Peter and I want to thank You,Janet,the kids, Bill and Claudia for making us feel so welcome. From the First Hello we felt like old friends and that to us is very special. Cowboy, You were everything we had ever heard and more. After this experience I don't know if I can wait these next weeks till the gathering. You are all special to us and can not wait to meet the rest of you.... Oh I forgot one special person,and that is Bradley who played with Cowboy, He and I got to visit a little after cowboys performance, He is a very interesting and talented man, he even invited us to his CD release Party in Austin, now how great was that...Now you see why Peter and I can not wait till the gathering.

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