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Author:  Texasroyce
E-mail:  not available
Date:  5/7/2005 3:36:43 PM
Subject:  Re: Lots to do....
Message:  She did it again, just like Easter.

Invited her mother and father. Sister might come. Cousin called and invited them to her house. Heard they were going to our house. Cousin calls wife and now they are coming over and bringing brother and wife. Then cousin's son called and got invited to come with her. Last count went from 4 to 11. There goes my part of the New York Loin Roast. Don't need red meat anyway. Is balony red meat? Egads, 5 mothers. Like Rooster, the expert on cooking says, "They get to do all the work and I'll get the praise for the BBQ." Maybe this is a misquote but that's without the accent.

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