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Author:  Roy
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Date:  5/6/2005 11:22:10 AM
Subject:  Gathering Room Count
Message:  Dear Hearts and Gentle People....we have a brand new record....the total room count for Gathering V, is now standing at 243!!!!!!

To explain...that's the total number of room days booked. The peak is just over 70 rooms booked for Saturday night.

To give you an idea...at G-3 we had a total of 121
rooms booked....at G-4...our total went up to 142!
We're over a hundred ahead of last year and they are still coming in. The hotel is running low on rooms with two beds...so if you haven't made your reservations yet...better do so asap!

 Gathering Room Count by Roy at 5/6/2005 11:22:10 AM
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