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Author:  Leslie Newbury
E-mail:  Leslie.Newbury@uhs-sa.com
Date:  5/6/2005 8:34:21 AM
Subject:  Lost Family
Message:  Hello I am a big fan of Mickey..even though I am a young generation of the Newbury family...I stumbled upon this site just today and I am so excited! I do not know this side of the family but I would love to meet everyone. We went to a reunion a few years ago at lake Houston but I was younger and did not benefit from it...I have heard alot about my Aunt Mamie....I am guessing you are the Mamie that posts messages on this site...If there is any kind of upcoming get together I would love to know about...I know my dad (Dale Newbury) would really enjoy seeing his family. My nana (Ethel Newbury) just celebrated her 80th birthday and I know would like to see some of the family as well!

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