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Author:  Cathy
E-mail:  cathylnutt@yahoo.com
Date:  5/1/2005 3:30:48 PM
Subject:  Re: Empty Nest.....
Message:  Karen,
Without a washer and dryer you will definitely see them on a regular basis, but I know what you mean about the silent hooray. We want our kids to try their wings but don't really want them to fly to high or too far. I think moms just like
to be needed. My children have been out of the house for for over 13 years and I still have moments when I would love to just hear them laughing, loud radios, or just the bickering between each other. I do enjoy my times of doing whatever and whenever but I think my most special days are when they come to visit and go rummaging through the cupboards trying to find their favorite snacks. They are in their early thirties now but when they come to visit it is like they have never left. After a day of pampering from me and filling their stomachs with all of their favorite things they leave with a look of total contentment. I wave them off return to the house and throw myself into my easy chair and take a long nap. It seems naps at this moment seem to be the best. Good luck on the empty nest syndrome but it will get better.

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