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Author:  Doug aka The Joker
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Date:  4/17/2005 4:54:19 PM
Subject:  Re: Georgia Farm Boy
Pie-eyed joker that I am, I've been
reading a serious book examining how,
in modern times, the mythological and
allegorical powers of scripture stories
have been reduced by literal interpretation
at the diminution of wonder, mystery,
magic, discovery, and the asking of a
welcome and inspiring question. I figure
we're just as capable of explaining away
the wonder, mystery, magic and discovery
found in the gospel reaches of the songs
of Mickey Newbury when we affix the tight,
circulation-restricting handcuffs of
literalism to the wrists of his lyrics.
Of course, who am I to question anything
or speak of magic and wonder and mystery,
pie-eyed porch joker that I am? But, I
will remind you that Mssrs. Cash and Newbury
wouldn't have written half as well as they
did if forced to subscribe entirely to
the literal. I must add that storytellers
and songwriters, like their predecessors
(i.e. wide-eyed children in the midst of
reinventing the world around them), are
allowed to say anything we want and if
anyone asks us why, we just calmly wink,
purse our strawberry-jam edged mouths
and say "Why? Because!" Haha...

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