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Author:  Alaska Shirley
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Date:  4/15/2005 8:07:07 PM
Subject:  Re: Newby
Message:  "posted on back porch also"

Cathy, welcome to you in the south from the "far north" country. Like you, I read the "back and front porches" starting in 2000. I was introduced by Doug Lang in 2004 when I requested a Mickey Newbury song on his Better Days radio broadcast. If it hadn't been for him I'd probably still be a "reader". I have come to love this family so much I made flight reservations today to attend Gathering V in Austin. I am so looking forward to meeting everyone. Okay, I'm
E-X-C-I-T-E-D!! See ya'll (said in a northern accent) in June. Alaska Shirley

Laughing is good - it's like jogging on the inside.

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