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Author:  SusanW
E-mail:  susanjwilliamson@verizon.net
Date:  4/14/2005 10:36:36 PM
Subject:  Re: Happy Birthday Susan Williamson
Message:  Thanks Everybody!!! I had a great day, even though I don't observe my birthday anymore.
There's another movie being filmed in Menard and I'm helping with the catering. Today was a break day and we had a bbq goat party, my favorite! Last night Dennis Hopper was here, what a nice man! I made 120 pecan pralines for tomorrow and just found out we'll be serving 3rd meal at 3am tomorrow because the whole next week will be night shoots. I'm so very honored to have you all wishing me a good day, and it certainly was. Lots of love, SusanW

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