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Author:  Larry & Gale Book
E-mail:  booksundown@aol.com
Date:  4/12/2005 2:12:16 PM
Subject:  Re: Flora-Bama
Message:  We watched our beloved Characters Songwriters Cafe get demolished last weekend. It was sad but inevitable. Perdido Key will rise from the ashes. Just give us a little time.
On another note, we just returned from Nashville where we were able to spend some time with Kacey Jones at her office, when she performed at the Lowes Vanderbilt, and dinner afterwards with her and several friends including the wonderful "Manuel". Manuel is the famous tailor responsible for the fabulous sequined clothing worn by everyone from Porter Wagner to Dolly Parton to Marty Stewart to our fabulous Kacey Jones. Kacey was in the studio Saturday working on the Mickey CD...we got to hear some of results and it is impressive. We will be at the Florabama this weekend for the "festivities". We host a songwriters open mic at the Silver Moon every Wednesday night.

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