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Author:  erik "the dane"
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Date:  4/5/2005 2:15:38 PM
Subject:  hans christian andersen - 200 years birthday
Message:  + some more...

the world wide known danish fairy-tale poet HANS CHRISTIAN ANDERSEN was born on 2th april 1805 in odense, denmark.

lot of singers was celebrating this "old man" some days ago in "wonderful copenhagen" - tina turner include.

when i grown up i have read, hear, not much, of his fairy-tales.
to read much is not "my way".

i love to "dream" and listning to music all day long!

music was, is my fairy-tales:
mickey and jimmy (webb) can write a good music fairy-tales.
some of there music stories are short, some longer.

jimmy`s music are not so well know around, sorry also in US of A, but as a "expert"/"friend" of mister webb i have been lucky to listning to some of his longer running tunes - over 10 min.

not all jimmy webb tunes are so "simple/easy" as "up, up and away".

the new JIMMY WEBB BOX set (5 cd) is NOW sold out from RHINO - 2.500 "handmade" ex.
start store price was around us dollar 70 - today on amazon.com price are up on us dollar 180-200 for a used/new ex.

the new j.w. solo cd is out around 16th may.

i be in london for two concerts may with j.w. and back opening night with glen campbell/j.w. on hotel regency in new york city 14th june

- BEFORE MY ARRIVAL TO AUSTIN 16TH JUNE for a 6 nights stay - water in swimmingpool!

i start next week with the water, (pool) mostly and sun, warm weather in beautiful SPAIN, island TENERIFE 5 hour from DENMARK.


erik "the dane"

 hans christian andersen - 200 years birthday by erik "the dane" at 4/5/2005 2:15:38 PM
 Re: hans christian andersen - 200 years birthday by Craig at 4/5/2005 7:32:29 PM