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Author:  Horst
E-mail:  schattengewaechse@t-online.de
Date:  3/21/2005 7:20:06 PM
Subject:  Re: Sheet music
Message:  Hello Susie,

those Acuff-Rose publications have been well-known over the decades – even here in Germany, and to my understanding they´ve always had the status of just being collectors´ items. I can´t remember how many of those booklets I´ve had in my younger days, but what I remember is: I didn´t miss them at all when given away. Chet Atkins had done statements concerning this period of easy transcribing rudiments of music, Johnny Cash and Merle Travis did and others. As to my understanding publications like these fit to the whole world-wide programmes of printed popular music for beginners on the one hand and fans on the other. Fans are said to collect everything, and when Chet Atkins gave Canadian guitarist Liona Boyd a helping hand in the 70s to start her way in musical business, it needed just some liner notes of Chet´s there on the cover of one of her records – and folks bought this record, Liona was “in”.

But that´s not the question. And it´s even not a question whether these publications are of serious contents or not. Since us guitarists who regularely perform on their own do not expect any heureka-effects out of these booklets, we simply expect the surprise of some good idea for the things we have in mind. No more, no less. We expect some floating musical lines there on those sheets we can read while sitting in some train or anywhere else, - that´s it. We do know that none of the publications similar to those Acuff-Rose ones are authorisized, because it´s one thing to read original classical music, and another – to read fragmentary popular arrangements diminuished to some poor basics. Despite – remember: we are dependant from ideas.

And these ideas surely do not arise from tabulatures which only deal with some technical aspects but never with the music itself. They are crutches, not more. You can neither follow a musical line nor a sequence nor the whole complex, tabulatures are not required for studying guitar but standard music notation, - for good reason. So, to give an example, if you have – say – “The House of the Rising Sun” and like to arrange it for guitar solo you will have the problem to decide: do I play it in 6/8, 4/4, 2/4 or what? Everything is possible and depends on what your ideas are. No transcription can help you along, but some … Acuff-Rose will have better chances. That´s it.

As to Mickey´s guitar technique there were some interesting lines by JeffS concerning the scordaturas, the special tunings of the strings. This is quite a large field of both teaching and arranging as well as accompanying or playing solo which should not be mixed up. What I have in my mind is not a kind of copying – for example with Adrian Legg´s aspects as a kind of background – but much more the composition as complex. You have to do the melodic line, add the bass and care for the rhythm or second voice. Celedonio Romero once said: The guitar is something like a reduced orchestra and should be handled in that way. Which means – the sound of the orchestra is what makes the mosaic, not the first violin or the cello. And as to this I have to choose the technical means. In other words: One singer´s original tuning can never be a MUST for a solo arrangement when the complex itself likes to play cards with the mood of the transcriber.

I´m sorry for having been that long. I should have shortened this all, but due to my poor handling of your language and some unusual termini technici things are not that easy to explain.

Best wishes - Horst

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