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Author:  Brian
E-mail:  beejayhighley@aol.com
Date:  3/21/2005 5:34:10 PM
Subject:  Re: Sheet music
Message:  I was thrilled to read of so many projects underway and progressing.

The DVD is my excuse for buying a new DVD recorder/player; the thought of making a Scotsman so readily part with so much cash should spur Owsley and Bob to complete their work asap!

Chris will doubtless come closer than anyone to doing Mickey's unique guitar style justice in his proposed music book; he can have no better accomplice than Jeff whose love of music shines through in everything he does. I would love to buy a copy when the time comes.

I actually have one of the Acuff-Rose books, printed in Essex, England; 'This Is Mickey Newbury', bought when I was about twenty, in a music store in Edinburgh, Scotland! The book contains just eleven songs so the title should have been 'This Is Not Nearly Enough Of Mickey Newbury'. There are two good photos of Mickey on the cover and inside.

Even during our brief conversations, Mickey had spoken of his writing for children and it was work of which he was quietly proud; you will definitely sell all six of his books to me.

Thanks for keeping us so well informed.

Kindest Regards and Best Wishes to you, Susan, and ALL your family.


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