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Author:  Craig
E-mail:  not available
Date:  3/12/2005 10:07:24 PM
Subject:  The Felling of a Giant
Message:  I went to a funeral the other day…

He was not a large man, small in stature really.
He was the father of my close friend.
I met him years ago, in a hospital room.
He had a common name, for such a common man.
And if you occasioned to meet him
you would think him to be common man.
But once you got to know him,
You would realize that he was a giant among men.

I went to a funeral the other day…

It was spoken of how much he suffered,
How he wasted to nothing up to the end.
Of his courage, if the minister had only known,
Was all his life and how he lived, this is his legacy.
Richard Smith was his name, I always knew him as Mr. Smith,
My friend’s father, Shirley’s husband.
A father of three, great grandpa to be
A child that he would never see.

I went to a funeral the other day…

Two sailors came, perfectly folded a flag
And presented it to his widowed wife
Taps was played, tears in my eyes
With a lump in my throat.
Richard would have been proud indeed.
You see he was in the Navy back in Korea
On his second term as a sailor
On a minesweeper up and down the coast.

I went to a funeral the other day…
His life was dedicated to keeping Channel 5 on the air
He was in the studio when Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald
He was on the ship when the first live coverage of the
Space capsule recover was taking place.
He ran miles and miles of cables at the Cotton Bowl
every year so we could watch the game after our Thanksgiving meal.
He was at every Dallas Cowboy home game,
setting up and tearing down so we could watch it in our living rooms on Sundays.

Richard was a man of character.
Many years ago he took his family to the lake for an afternoon of water skiing.
They happened across a slolum ski.
It was there, with no one to claim it.
They took it home.
My friend, in his teens at the time, was awakened in the night.
They made the 50 mile trip to the lake and put the ski back
where they had found it. Asked why, Richard simply said,
“It’s not ours.” Many years passed before my friend understood, but he understood.

I went to a funeral the other day…

They laid his remains to rest under the shade of a tree
Next to his Mom and Dad
That’s not the end of Richard Smith
His legacy lives on for sure.
I can’t think of a more honest man
Someone I look up to, by his work…
By his honesty…
And by his character.

Richard, a giant among men.


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