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Author:  Mrs. Hunsaker!!!
E-mail:  newbury_legacy@hotmail.com
Date:  3/1/2005 3:11:02 PM
Subject:  Bliss... Part I....
Message:  Walk up the twenty winding steps with me... to a front door I have come to know well...

Enter the home, where a solid built, bald headed man with a huge heart and a smile that kills will greet you... that's T. Wayne Hunsaker, big man of the house. Feel the hard wood under your feet, and step down into the cozy living room to your right... feel the warmth of over a hundred candles casting a glow through the house. Burgundy and white, large and small, tall and skinny, short and fat, on the large window sill, on the upper ledge, on every table, on the piano, on the floor, on the book shelf, in jars, on fancy plates, and hanging on each side of an elegant white archway in front of the window, made of wood and decorated with love, by a man who spent hours and hours, night after night, in the cold barn, constructing a symbol of his love for his bride... it's beautiful this archway.... decorative engravings, glowing pearl paint, live ivey and wild flowers intertwined throughout it's bones... the focal point for our small ceremony... (meant to take attention away form the blushing bride and groom for a moment...)

Look around the room... see the pictures of the bride and groom, in love, laughing, crying, working, fighting.... all over the walls and tables... they are in their cardhart bib overalls in one, making goofy "down home farm folk" faces at one another... dinner attire in the next, a black dress. a suit and tie... classy... she's hanging from monkey bars in one on the bookshelf... her legs wrapped around his waist tightly as he tries with all his strength to break away from her grasp, laughing... Look at the faces in the room... old and young, worn and fresh, all familiar and loving...

Be sure to look to your right as the room falls quiet... the bride is coming in now... a white dress, adorn with pearls and shimmering fabric, hanging slightly off her sholders... a long train follows her... she's on the arm of a newly found father figure, and handed off to a wrinkly old man at the edge of the room... she knew long ago that this man would be the one to "walk her down the isle" one day, and her eyes fill up with tears at the thought that her dream had come true... she catches the steady glance of her husband-to-be and they both laugh cause they realize that neither of them have been breathing.... the love that fills her shows in her rosy cheeks and shaking hands as she hands her boquet of wild flowers to her mother, and the silence is broken when she struggles to pull her train from under the feet of her grandfather who has inevitably landed on the soft fabric in the dark... everyone laughs and the bride covers her face with her hands.... she knows she would die if she let a "real laugh" go and she snorted in front of all these people on her wedding day... *grin*

... to be continued...

Mrs. Laura Shayne Hunsaker

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