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Author:  Roy
E-mail:  armstead_2000@yahoo.com
Date:  2/16/2005 6:20:30 PM
Subject:  Sammi's Services
Message:  We've just returned from Oklahoma City. Sylvia and I, X & Connie Linclon, X's Sister Loretta and SueAnn drove up last night. We all enjoyed visiting with Sam's family and her children. The service this morning was beautiful and very moving. Ty Herndon did Amaizing Grace acappella, and he did it very well. Several old friends and family members spoke to the packed chapel. Waylon Payne tried to sing "Mama Drive On", from his CD, but it was too much to ask. The place was filled with flowers of every type, many from well known friends in the entertainment business.

We were asked to sit with the family, which was an honor. Most of us held it together pretty well until they played "Help Me Make It Through The Night" right before opening the casket for one last goodbye to the "Girl Hero".

I had to smile when I saw the items that had been placed with Sam...a Starbucks, a pack of Virgina Slims, several guitar picks, a new set of strings,
a small flashlight, a note pad with several pencils and a cell phone among other items.

It was a four hour drive to the small town in the Oklahoma Pandhandle where she was to be laid to rest beside her Father, so we said our goodbye's and headed back to Texas.

It really was a celebration of her life.

OH, I almost forgot, I did repay her kindness from 35 years ago by placing a CD of "Looks Like Rain" right next to the Starbucks.

Sure am gonna' miss that lady!

 Sammi's Services by Roy  at 2/16/2005 6:20:30 PM
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