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Author:  larry larry
E-mail:  lmooremnm@yahoo.com
Date:  2/12/2005 3:00:01 PM
Subject:  Poems for my Birthday
Message:         In my birthday post below, under San Diego, I was asked to post a poem.

: How about these two in honor of Sammi Smith.   The first one I wrote awhile back and I post it for Waylon Payne. The second one is one I wrote for Mickey when we thought he had only hours to live. They’ve both been revised some.


The Last Moment

Then comes the moment of saying good bye.
Now it’s the end, you stop asking why.
You search your mind for things never said.
Strength comes from friends and tears that you shed.

What now has to be, you know’s for the best.
It’s hard to let go, but now she can rest.
Hold to the moments that both of you shared.
The Lord now is waiting, with a place He’s prepared.

larry moore


Somehow I thought, that I controlled time,
God made it just for my pleasure.
Now I know It belongs to no one
It’s something that all men should treasure.

I thought you’d be here, everyday.
I thought you’d be here forever.
Took for granted I’d see you again,
I now know the meaning of “never”.

I thought I’d say, “I love you”, someday,
But that’s not what real men should do.
Real men are weak, I never did speak
I’m hoping, to God, that you knew.

Somehow I thought, that I controlled time,
I’d tell you my feelings, some day.
Now all the words I wanted to speak
Are words that I never can say.

Larry Moore

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